Our ingredients


Inno V has a wide range of Tapioca Starches both natives and modified. The modified starches are particularly useful in gluten free  applications to control and reduce staling both in ambient and frozen products. 

The range also includes a waxy tapioca starch, a clean label starch with almost 100% amylopectin content. All starches are highly consistent in quality and performance as the root is processed within 48 hours after harvesting.

Tapioca Starches


Psyllium Husk Powder

Inno V psyllium husk powder is specifically tailored for use in gluten free applications and is produced to a bespoke specification to have optimum water absorbency, purity and performance in baked applications.



Inno V has a range of hydroxypropyl methylcelluloses for use in many applications including gluten free. HPMC has excellent reversible  thermal gelation properties ideally suited for gluten free applications to create viscosity in the dough and great crumb structure in the baked product.


Sugar Beet & Apple Fibres 

Inno V range offers high quality fibres with excellent taste profile for use in bakery applications including gluten free. They vary in water absorbing capacities depending on particle size. This offers great functionality  including prolonged softness in breads, fibre enrichment and enhanced texture


Low Carbohydrate Flours

Inno V has a range of naturally low carbohydrate flours including linseed flour and pumpkin seed flours. These flours have a great flavour and are naturally high in fibre and protein. The range also include sweet potato flour. 


Inno V offers a range of functional gums including Guar gums & Cassia gum. These gums offer excellent functionality in a range of applications including bakery, confectionery & petfood.



Vegetable Flours

  • Cauliflower flour

  • Carrot flour

  • Red beet flour

  • Cabbage flour